Cut Off

Cut Off

Sebastian Fitzek & Michael Tsokos

„When was the last time you opened a corpse? Never? Then it is about time you did …”

Within the head of a monstrously mutilated corpse, forensic pathologist Paul Herzfeld finds the phone number of his daughter. Hannah had been abducted – and for Herzfeld a perverted version of a treasure hunt starts. This psychopath of a kidnapper has placed another corpse prepared with clues on the island of Helgoland. Herzfeld, however, has no chance to get the information. The island in the high sea has been cut off from the mainland by a storm; the population has already been evacuated. Among the few people remaining is Linda a cartoonist who found the dead man on the beach. Desperately, Herzfeld tries to persuade her to undertake the autopsy according to his instructions over the phone. But Linda has never touched a scalpel in her life, let alone cut open a human body …
(not translated into English yet)