Autograph Request


Apparently, there are people who really want to have an autograph of me. In case you are one of these people, please send me a prepaid self-addressedreturn envelope to the following address:

Raschke Entertainment GmbH
Reference: “Autograph Request”
Kronberger Str. 10
14193 Berlin

The same applies if you wish to have your book signed with my autograph. Please send your copy plus a prepaid self-addressed return envelope to the address above. (Tip: If you write “Büchersendung” (“Book Shipment”) on the envelope, the postage will be cheaper.) For more information about the prices please see

(If you visit  you can even print the appropriate postage and enclose it in your book shipment!)

Let me warn you though: I have a terrible hand-writing that will ruin any book and autograph card!